Saike 909D Soldering Iron 220V 110V Hot Air Gun Station+Soldering iron+DC Power supply 3in1 electric rework station Adjustable

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Soldering Iron Saike 909d Hot air gun

soldering station dc power supply 3 in 1 multi-function


1, SAIKE909D is based on market needs and designed a three in one versatile tool equipment, which brings together in one common tool (welding sets, air guns, mobile phone repair power supply), three functions can be used independently or simultaneously switch, takes less work surfaces, utility and energy conservation, and in the performance of single-function products on the market have further enhanced. 

2, the product uses double-sided fiberglass circuit board material, the patch process. Neatly within the process, the signal flow clear. 

3, iron, air gun and power supply independent dual-core micro-controller, and the brightest to work independently, even if there are problems along the way does not affect the normal operation of other dual-core CPU designs greatly reduce the failure rate of products 

4, fan air capacity, adjustable non-polar, iron, air gun temperature, supply voltage display terminal through the three-way LED Display 

5, iron, air gun using Intelligent Fuzzy PID temperature control areas, the temperature stability of error is small, temperature compensated quickly, can adapt to harsh environments. 

6, air gun, soldering iron with a variety of fault protection; 

7, the power part of the recovery with continuous protection and RF protection, to avoid the interference of all kinds of unexpected phenomenon of burning mobile phone 

8, the product can not only maintain power as a mobile phone, mobile phone also can detect the RF signal strength, and through the LED indicator shows the strength of RF signals 

9, the product is simple to operate without any switch button when finished. 


Technical parameters 


Rated Voltage: AC: 220V ± 10% 50HZ 

Total Power: 700W +50 W +15 W = 765W ± 10% (max) 

Work environment :0-50 °c 

Storage temperature: -20-80 °c


Iron parts: 

Output Voltage: AC: 26V ± 10% 

Output Power: 50W ± 10% 

Temperature range: 200  -480 °c 

Temperature Stability: ± 2 °c

Tip to ground resistance <2ohm 

Tip to ground voltage <2mV 


Hot air gun parts: 

Operating voltage: AC: 220V ± 10% 50HZ 

Output Power: 700W ± 10% 

Temperature range: 100  -480 °c 

Temperature Stability: ± 2 °c

Air output: 120L/min (The MAX.)

Power supply: 

Operating voltage: AC: 220V ± 10% 50HZ 

Output Power: 15W 

Output voltage :0-15V 

Load: <0.01 ± 2mv 

Recovery time: <100us 

Ripple noise <1mvrms (RMS virtual value) 

Temperature Coefficient: <300PPm / °c 

Protection start current:> 10% of the nominal value 

Package include:


1*Saike 909D machine

1*Air Gun stand


1*Soldering iron stand

1*pair test lead(as the photo)

4*air nozzles

 Package B:

909D with gift A

Gift A:

1. High quality solder wire 50g: 1 roll (tin wire specification is random)


2. high-quality soldering iron heads: 3 (one knife head, one horseshoe, one pointed mouth )


3.  anti-static tweezers: 3 (elbow, pointed, flat)


4. Semi-aluminium Sn Absorber: 1


5.150g Big Welding Bao: 1


6. small screwdriver: 1


7. small cross screwdriver: 1


8. Five-star small screwdriver: 1


9. small sucker: 1


10-11. dismantling rods: 2


12. Soldering Iron Cleaning Ball: 1


13-14. triangular warping tablets: 2


15. air nozzles: 4


16. pen line: 1 Pair


17. Mobile Testing Line: 1


18.10 lattice element box (8 lattice 10 lattice random delivery): 1


19. Soldering frame :1

Package C:

909D with gift A +Soldering Iron Heating Core + Air Gun Heating Core


  • we will send you some free gifts as picture show as below
  • 110V version can be customized for you ,but need more time,about 4 days
  • You can leave a message to tell us 110V or 220V.

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Saike 909D Soldering Iron 220V 110V Hot Air Gun Station+Soldering iron+DC Power supply 3in1 electric rework station Adjustable

$128.69$191.75 (-10%)

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