Pure Sine Wave Inverter DC 12v/24v To AC 110V/220V 800W 1600W 2200W 3000W Voltage Transformer Power Converter solar Car Inverter

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$45.25$120.37 (-10%)



We have comprehensively improved the fan noise problem.On May 1, 2020, 800W, 1600W, 2200W, 3000W, we all use the principle of intelligent system for radiators. When the temperature of the inverter is lower than 45 ℃, the fan will stop working. When the temperature of the inverter reaches 45 ℃, the fan will automatically start working. (If you encounter any problems when using the inverter, please contact us at any time. thank you!)

Our pure sine wave inverter, waveform test show.

When buying an inverter, you must first understand the voltage and frequency used in your country. Purchasing an inverter according to the frequency of your country will greatly improve the conversion efficiency of the inverter. If you have any questions, please contact us before purchasing. Thank you!

Country /Voltage/Frequency
Denmark :230V/5oHz
United States:120V/220V/60Hz
South Africa:220V/230V50Hz
Sweden: 230V/50Hz
United Kingdom:230V/50Hz

The benefits Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Type: Pure Sine Wave Inverter
Output voltage waveform: Pure sine wave
Power: 800W / 1600W / 2200W /3000W
Output voltage:110V / 220V
Input voltage: 12V / 24V
Output frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz
Socket: Universal(Commonly used in sockets in all countries)
Packaged included:
1 x Pure Sine Wave Inverter
1 x English User manual
1xCertificate of conformity
1 x Battery thick line
1 x battery clip
High voltage protection:
(Inverter with 12V input and voltage lower than 10.5V or voltage higher than 15V will automatically protect and disconnect the power supply)
(Inverter with 24V input and voltage lower than 20V or voltage higher than 30V will automatically protect and disconnect the power supply)

When using 12V / 24V to connect the cigarette lighter wire in the car, please do not exceed 300W (12V car). 400W (24V truck).
If this power is exceeded, please connect the battery output to the inverter, otherwise the car fuse will blow.

The input voltage of 12V inverter and 24V inverter cannot be universal. If the wrong input voltage is selected, the inverter will not work. If you don’t understand anything, please contact customer service, we will reply you as soon as after we see the information. Thank you!

The benefits Pure Sine Wave Inverter.
1:Aluminum-magnesium alloy shell, light weight, good thermal conductivity, can quickly reduce the temperature of components, work long hours are not affected.
2: Pure sine wave, intelligent filter, does not interfere with electrical appliances, protects electrical appliances. With high conversion efficiency (up to 95%), the low power consumption of the product itself can greatly extend battery life.
3:You can use electrical equipment, including TV / LED lights / LCD displays, especially inductive load appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, induction cookers.
4:Pure sine wave inverter, 110V / 220V for city power supply and power quality, so it has.
5: Eight-bit intelligent protection: overload protection, high voltage protection, low voltage protection, overheating protection, reverse connection protection, short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, insurance protection,Intelligent chip control, perfect protection.
6:Intelligent temperature control fan makes the inverter more quiet. When the temperature is ≤45 ℃, the fan stops working; when the temperature is ≥45 ℃, the fan starts working.
7:Buzzer reminder. Once any protection of the inverter is triggered, the inverter will immediately disconnect the power, the load enters the protection mode and reminds people with a buzzer reminder.

One inverter can be used for multiple purposes: home, solar, car, outdoor

Solar power to AC 110V / 220V circuit display diagram

Pure sine wave 3000W

Peak power 3000W
Continuous power 1500W
Size: 29.5CM × 11.3CM × 6CM
Package weight 1.8kg

Pure sine wave 2200W

Peak power 2200W
Continuous power 1100W
Size: 28.5CM × 11.3CM × 6CM
Package weight 1.55kg

Pure sine wave 1600W

Peak power 1600W
Continuous power 800W
Size: 25CM × 11.3CM × 6CM
Package weight 1.2kg

Pure sine wave 800W

Peak power 800W
Continuous power 400W
Size: 19.5CM × 10CM × 6CM
Package weight 1kg

Our Pure Sine Wave Inverter inductive load capacity is 95%
The battery output DC power requirements for the wire are very high, please do not use the wire to increase the length.
From the battery output to the inverter, use the original wiring. Unauthorized extension of the line may cause insufficient input voltage/current. If you want to use the extension line, the wire diameter must be twice as thick as the original wiring. It is recommended not to exceed 1 meter.
How long does the battery last?
Car battery, general family car voltage is 12V, truck
The battery voltage is 24V, and the inverter with the corresponding voltage is selected.
1. Formula for calculating battery power: p (power) = U (voltage volts) | (battery weight)
2, such as the car 12V80AH battery, its power output power = 12V * 80 = 960W inverter conversion efficiency is 90?
Using 960*90?, you can calculate the battery with a maximum power of 864W.
Working time = U (voltage volts) * 1 (battery capacity) * 0.8 * 0.9
Electrical power example:
Battery 12V80AH battery with a 220V100W bulb
Working time = 12V * 80AH * 0.8 * 0.9 / 100W = 6.912 hours
Note: 0.8 is the battery discharge coefficient (constant)
0.9 is the inverter conversion efficiency (constant)

Pure Sine Wave Inverter DC 12v/24v To AC 110V/220V 800W 1600W 2200W 3000W Voltage Transformer Power Converter solar Car Inverter



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800W 12V, 800W 24V, 1600W 12V, 1600W 24V, 2200W 12V, 2200W 24V, 3000W 12V, 3000W 24V


220V 230V 50Hz, 220V 230V 60Hz, 110V 60Hz



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Pure Sine Wave Inverter DC 12v/24v To AC 110V/220V 800W 1600W 2200W 3000W Voltage Transformer Power Converter solar Car Inverter

$45.25$120.37 (-10%)

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