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About Us: Priparax—a U.S. based online shopping site offering you premier products across a wide range of categories.

 Our mission is simple: to help you discover top trending items that make your life easier and better. With categories including home and garden, electronics, automotive, power and hand tools, and toys and games, you’re sure to find something that fits your unique needs, lifestyle, and budget.  

Our carefully-curated selection of products is truly expansive, offering something for everyone. We can help you find a new slide for your toddler, a home security system to keep your family safe, or the latest smart devices on the market. Whether you’re coming to us with a product in mind, or are just browsing, our website is set up to help you quickly and easily find an item that checks all your boxes. 

To navigate through our site, simply select the category you’re interested in from our navigation menu, or if you’re looking for something specific, enter the product name or description into the search bar at the top of the page. For your convenience, we highlight daily deals, products recommended for you, and bestsellers. Click on any item to view the product image and description. Once you’ve found an item you’d like to purchase, simply add it to your cart, select check out, and then just sit back, relax, and wait for your new item to arrive. 

We offer 100 percent secure payment processing and quick global shipping to more than 35 countries. Additionally, our customer service team and our FB messenger is available, 24/7 should any questions or issues arise.  

Thank you for choosing Priparax as your trusted online shopping site. We’re happy you’re here and hope that you visit us often!


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Discover Priparax’s Journey

Gets launched as online martketplace merchant in United States.
May 2018
Attracts first investor, receives $1 million investment
December 2018
Starts to Shipping to Canada and UK
February 2019
Gets launched first Global shipping center
July 2020
Gets launched 2nd. Global shipping center

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